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Uniting Earth Ministry

Jason is the half-time Resource person for Uniting Earth Ministry, within UME in the NSW/ACT Synod of the Uniting Church, along with Jessica Morthorpe. Jason started the Bellingen ecofaith community, and before that ministered to the Adelaide ecofaith community. His previous roles include being the ecominister at Scots Church Adelaide, a university chaplain, an environment officer in the Queensland Uni Student Union, and a researcher for the Queensland Synod bioethics committee. He was part time congregational minister in Bellingen and did supply in Sawtell. His PhD thesis on evolution, ecology and theology was an opportunity to integrate past studies in zoology and environmental studies with his faith, and with his profession as a minister of religion. Jason has a passion for permaculture which informs the slow unfolding of his forest home, where his family has finally finished wombling a “bathroom” and now has running warm water most days. Jason appreciates the Uniting Church’s professed desire for an intellectually credible faith, shaped by contact with contemporary thought, and its desire to remain a place where our diverse membership can continue as pilgrims of faith together. He’s been an atheist, agnostic, a biblical literalist and an evolutionary Christian, so is well placed to co-operate with any people of good will to work for the reconciliation and renewal of our Earth family. Mobile: 0438 609 097 | E-mail: JasonJ@nswact.uca.org.au

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